Our team has a passion for making things with real value. This has led us to assemble a multi-talented group that can do just about anything. Designers, engineers, creatives, makers, developers, artists, unite. Let’s do something real-special together.

Team The Artisans.

Jaime Aoyagi.


Jaime might be a bit too passionate about building great products. Everywhere he goes, his mind revolves around the question: “How can the user’s experience be improved?”.

Jaime used to be an electrical engineer until one day he said “Nah, this is not for me. I’ll start my own thing.”

Nadun Wijesinghe.

Tech Guy

Born in Sri Lanka, Nadun has lived in 4 countries, and traveled to over 5 times as many. His cave is currently located in Calgary.

He used to be an Electrical Engineer too, until he joined Jaime's crusade and decided to invent the future by coding.

Mahesh Samudra.

Tech Guy

Mahesh is always into details, he seeks perfection in everything. Also, as a black-belt Taekwondo player, he kicks ass on a regular basis, be it coding or fighting crime.

He used to be a Process Engineer. Now he’s using that knowledge to code web applications and change the world.

Daniel Barba.

Creative Artisan

Obsessed with the details, he believes in the power of brands, mixing aesthetics and functionality into our projects.

He loves to collect vinyl discs, vintage books and mid-century graphic magazines.

Do you think our website’s illustrations are cool? They were made by Daniel.

EFFECTIV A Place We Call Home.

Enso Digital is based out of Effectiv. Effectiv is a tech based co-working space and we don’t see Effectiv as a place to work, we see it as a close knit community of tech entrepreneurs.