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Everyday Icing


Everyday Icing is a digital collection of stories that allow young people to explore, imagine, and make-believe in a world where technology is on the rise. It is a place where technology facilitates connection and creativity is limitless.


Design and Development

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Designing an intuitive storytelling platform.

We worked with the Everyday Icing team to create a library that would be easily accessible by busy parents on the basis of a monthly subscription. Our mission was to establish trust while also providing an intuitive experience anchored in whimsical storytelling.

By designing a clean interface with friendly colors and whimsical visual elements, we aimed to delight curious visitors and reward busy parents with content they don’t need to think twice about.

A simple, yet trustworthy onboarding process.

The first tool we built was a dependable onboarding process that allows parents to have instant access to the library. We included the use of a confirmation code received via email in order to reaffirm the site’s security.

From there, parents are able to browse and select stories in 5, 10, and 15 minute increments. We also implemented an audio section for parents who wanted to experience the storytelling journey alongside their child.

Changing up the ordinary.

Throughout the entire library, we implemented animations that appear to playfully jump around and pop off the screen. These interactions are designed not only to appeal to the youngest of users, but to put a smile on their parent’s faces as well.

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