ERAS Cardiac

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ERAS Cardiac


The Society for Enhanced Recovery After Cardiac Surgery (ERAS® Cardiac) is on a mission to optimize the care and recovery of cardiac surgical patients through the research, education, audit, and implementation of evidence-based practices.


Design and Development

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A society rooted in better patient recovery.

Our focus was to tell the story of the ERAS® Cardiac community, demonstrate how this team is a catalyst in its mission, and to underscore the size of their reach.

We redesigned the ERAS® Cardiac website to reflect their roots as a knowledge-sharing society, and their vision for bettering the future of healthcare delivery.

To do this, we helped architect a system to link visitors directly to news, events, and other educational resources where they can become further involved.

Helping them help people.

Our strategy was to create an engaging desktop experience that included a seamless tablet and mobile transition.

We revised several iterations of the visual layout before landing on one that would provide easy navigation, visual storytelling, and serve users with the exact information they came looking for.

The result is a look and feel that not only welcomes visitors into the community but also highlights ERAS® Cardiac’s passion for bettering the quality of healthcare improvement processes.

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