We help entrepreneurs, startups and enterprises shape their ideas into products.

Enso Digital is composed of a team of artisans that are focused on designing products with real value. We provide UI/UX design, front-end development and back-end development services.

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When art & technology intersect
great products are made.

Have you ever seen a total solar eclipse? Every so often the moon moves between the Earth, blocking the sun’s rays in the process. For a while, the light is gone and all we are left with is a stunning work of mastery—an intersection done right.

Technology alone is not enough. Steve Jobs once said this and we agree. There has to be a balance, a perfect intersection if you will, of logic and creativity.

Just as a total eclipse is an intersection done right, we are in the business of building products where liberal arts and technology intersect.

A design-centred agency.

Enso Digital is a UI/UX and web development agency based in Calgary. As a design-centred agency, we use design as an integrative resource that meets the needs of the people, the possibilities of technology and the needs of the business.

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